"While Davies’ knowledge of jewelry from past eras provides a robust backdrop for his creative process, his work constantly forges forward and investigates fresh motifs." Carolyn Meers-Robb Report Magazine

"His visionary work is a breath of fresh air in a contemporary landscape where commonality prevails. " Natalie Bos Betteridge- Jewels Du Jour

 "Davies has pioneered a luxurious and unique woven granulation technique. While his jewels reside in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, another distinctive reason behind their allure is versatility."       Kyle Roderick- Newport Beach Lifestyle Magazine & Bijoux Review Global High Luxury Report

"Davies work has tremendous presence. His innovative use of materials and bold designs combine to make jewelry that is striking."  Emily Stoehrer- Curator of jewelry, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Chris Davies has always had a passion for the “architecture” of nature and the complexity of the ancient world. The world’s grand canyons and grand temples, forest floors and rich textiles, beetle wings and ceremonial dress ignite his imagination. They fuel a desire to express the bold power and subtle craftsmanship of these natural and human treasures in a way that is unmistakably current. 

Traditions of craftsmanship, like our precious eco systems, are highly endangered and can only survive and grow through contemporary use and innovation. Thracian gold repoussé, Roman chain, Venetian leather work, Belgian lace making, Greco-Roman granulation, tailoring and the dressmaking traditions of the great couture houses have been integrated to form a unique visual language for the designer

The current collection uses traditional gold smithing with weaving and tailoring methods to expand the aesthetic possibilities of these historical forms. Davies boldly abandons the flat planes of ancient sheet metal for granulated patterns that float, spiral, fold, undulate, and cluster. Complex and flexible armatures are woven of gold, pearls and precious stones. Networks of small gold spheres reflect through natural rock crystal as if existing within halls of mirror while pearls and stones coil and drape like woven snakes. 

Davies’ jewelry nestles and balances on the body, allowing the wearer to feel integrated with the jewel.  This connection to body is as important as the visual impact of the piece.  Davies creates jewelry that doesn’t merely act as a rigid metal container for gemstones, but has kinetic potential as well as deep aesthetic and metaphysical purpose. At once ancient and modern, the designs have a sculptural presence that elevates the work beyond fashion.